Vernon and Shirley Hill
Rank 2017

Hill, 71, and his wife Shirley set up Metro Bank, and the dog-loving American husband and wife’s niche operation is now yapping at the heels of its British rivals. With an emphasis on brand-based banking, its 48 "stores" are open seven days a week and allow customers to open an account with a single visit. Hill started the similar Commerce Bancorp business in America at the age of 27 in 1972 and made £285m from his stake when it was sold to the Canadian TD Bank. His interests extend well beyond banking, though, and he remains a partner in Interstate Commercial, which has developed more than 1,000 shopping centres in America. His love of canines inspired him to become chairman and a substantial investor in the US insurer PetPlan and he also part-owns a business that operates 40 Burger King restaurants across Philadelphia. Shirley helps design Metro Bank's branches, known for their bright, open-plan feel – and for dishing out free pet food.
   The couple have four children, plus Sir Duffield, a Yorkshire terrier who appears to have his own Twitter account – with more than 1,800 followers. The Hills divide their time between London and their 46,000 sq foot mansion in New Jersey, which was designed by Shirley in Tuscan style, and sponsor a series of medical innovation awards for the Kennel Club. Metro Bank floated in March 2016 and after a strong run is now valued at £2.92bn. The family stake is worth £172.6m – up more than £36m on last year – with other assets pushing them to £436m.