Robert Agostinelli
Rank 2017

A former senior banker at Goldman Sachs and Lazard, New York-born Agostinelli co-founded the Rhone private equity and advisory group in 1995. Agostinelli came to prominence in Britain in 2010 when Rhone was one of the potential suitors for Liverpool football club, offering £118.5m for a 40% stake. Rhone, which has been involved in profitable deals worldwide in industries as diverse as chemicals and sportswear, has more than £5bn of client funds under management.
   Now based in London, Agostinelli, 64, later this month, owns around half the company. He is building a property in Henley-on-Thames and recently spent £25m on a home in South Kensington. He has invested around £60m in WeWork, an American company providing places for entrepreneurs and small businesses to work and network.