John Coulter and Ann Jones
Jewellery, Property
Rank 2017

Coulter, 65, and his sister Jones, 63, run the Stockport jewellery retailer Warren James, which featured in the financial pages in 2011 when it took a stake in Pinewood Shepperton film studios in a move seen as trying to extract a higher price from rival bidder John Whittaker (qv). The operation quietly built up its holding to 26.1% and at the time of the £323m takeover last year of the renamed Pinewood Group its share was worth about £84m. In 2015-16 the jeweller's parent company made nearly £38m profit on £101.3m sales and with £59.2m net assets is valued at £275m. Coulter and Jones received dividends of £120m last year, along with past dividends and £11m net assets in three other businesses.