Douw Steyn and family
Rank 2017

Simples! Talking meerkat Aleksandr Orlov, star of TV adverts for, has helped to make the price comparison website the leading online insurance service after overtaking, according to market researcher Mintel. BGL Group, founded in Peterborough by South African entrepreneur Steyn, 64, is the meerkat master, making £70.4m profit on £507.2m sales in 2014-15. Steyn's family has a majority stake in its Guernsey parent, with talk of a £2bn London stock market float. Until that happens its holding is worth £750m. On top of past dividends and other assets including shares in a South African insurer and a £63m London residence, Steyn also owns "Palazzo Steyn", a 2,000-acre Romanesque-style gated community built for him north of Johannesburg.