Lord Edmiston
Car sales, Property
Rank 2017

From a £6,000 redundancy cheque, Edmiston has created a £1bn business empire. He began his career as a bank clerk, later training as an accountant, and after joining Jensen Motors rose quickly through the sports car maker’s ranks to become finance director. However, the firm slipped into bankruptcy and with his payoff he set up International Motors, which acquired the franchise for Subaru and Isuzu cars. Edmiston, 70, is chairman of the Birmingham-based business, where his son Andrew, 47, is managing director. IM Group made profits of £149.8m on £571m sales in 2015. There are assets of £646.7m and this comfortably puts a value of £1bn on it. Edmiston was made a Conservative life peer in 2011 but retired from the Lords in 2015. He is a strong supporter of Brexit and gave £1m to the Vote Leave campaign. The founder of the charity Christian Vision, which aims to introduce a billion people to Jesus via the radio and social media, he is Britain’s first overtly Christian billionaire.