John Bloor
Construction, Motorcycles
Rank 2017

The turnover of Bloor’s two operations purred past £1bn in 2015-16. The Derbyshire miner’s son set up his housebuilding firm Bloor Homes in 1969 and acquired the Triumph Engineering group’s name and manufacturing rights in 1983 after the motorcycle maker went into receivership. He spent upwards of £80m on a new factory reviving the famous marque. Bloor Holdings, the parent of Triumph and the housebuilding business, saw profits soar to £124.5m on £1.15bn sales, with £661.5m net assets. The construction enterprise has been boosted by the government’s Help to Buy scheme, while the motorcycle division sold 56,253 bikes to June 2016 – a 4.5% increase on the previous year. The combined operation is worth £1.4bn, allowing for a hefty brand value on the Triumph name. Former plasterer Bloor, 73, owns it all and we add £54m for other interests, more than enough to afford a £250,000 donation to the Tories last year, followed up by another £400,000 gift in the early days of the 2017 general election campaign.