David and Jacqueline Gold
Lingerie, Property, Football
Rank 2017

Gold, 80, was an entrepreneurial child, helping his mother sell buttons from a stall outside their East End home. After leaving school he set up a bookstall in London’s Charing Cross before branching out into publishing, printing and distribution. He later took control of and grew the adult products retailer Ann Summers, which is now run by his daughter Jacqueline, 56. He made a tidy sum from the sale of Birmingham City football club in 2009 and owns a 35% stake that is probably worth £280m in West Ham, which he bought with David Sullivan (qv), whom he also helped launch the Daily Sport newspaper, later selling the tabloid for £50m in 2007.
   The family’s holding company, which encompasses Ann Summers, Knickerbox, Greenwich House Properties and his airline business Gold Aviation, made a small loss of £138,000 but showed £80m net assets in 2014-15. With the Ann Summers brand so strong, a significantly revised £150m value can be justified for the group. Gold and his wife Lesley live in a Surrey mansion, opening the gardens to the public every spring for charity, and have other property, cash and further investments of £30m.

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