David Wilson and family
Rank 2017
Wilson’s Davidsons Developments has a number of upmarket Leicestershire property ventures in Anstey, Ibstock and Whetstone, and at Scraptoft Hall. The company's profits soared to £14.5m on £86.6m sales in 2015. With £96.5m assets it is a £150m operation. Wilson, 75, made his first fortune from housebuilding through Leicestershire-based Wilson Bowden, which was sold in 2007 to Barratt Developments in a £2.2bn deal. This netted £727m for the Wilson family in a mix of £304m cash and the rest in Barratt shares. His remaining Barratt stake is now worth £84.5m. Past proceeds, dividends and the Davidsons’ holding take the Wilson family to £540m.