Mark Dixon
Serviced offices
Rank 2017

Dixon’s Regus is the world’s largest provider of flexible workspaces and serviced offices, operating from 3,000 locations in 900 cities. He set up his sandwich business Dial-a-Snack in 1976 but failed to make his fortune, so after travelling the world he returned to his native Essex and invested £600 in a burger van. Unable to source sufficient bread rolls for his expanding operation, he founded his own bakery to supply fast-food vendors, selling it in 1988 for £800,000. Relocating to Brussels, he noticed how businesspeople held meetings in cafes, so in 1989 launched Regus, which provides offices with social and meeting spaces, floating the company in 2000. It is now valued at nearly £2.31bn, although shares have slumped since the Brexit vote. Dixon, 57, sold a stake worth nearly £102m in September last year, having previously offloaded £100m in shares, but he retains a 27.68% holding valued at £639.4m. While he has received at least £75m of dividends since 2008, the significant fall in Regus's share price lowers his wealth to £900m.