Lloyd Dorfman and family
Foreign exchange, Property
Rank 2017

Dorfman, 64, founded his Travelex bureaux-de-change chain in London with a £25,000 loan. In 2006 it was partially taken over in a £1.06bn deal, netting him £240m for part of his stake, and he had a 34.5% holding when the operation was sold eight years later after being valued at £1bn. Dorfman, who in 2015 became chairman of the Prince’s Trust and whose own charitable donations have included £10m towards renovating the National Theatre, is now mainly in the property business. In 2014 he and Network Rail also launched the Doddle parcel collection service, of which he now owns 90%. Dorfman handed £600,000 to the "remain" campaign before the EU referendum.