Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken and Michel de Carvalho
Inheritance, Brewing, Banking
Rank 2017
Dutch brewer Heineken has seen its shares gain a good head of foam this year – like a well-poured pint of its famous beer. The company is now worth £37bn, up £3.3bn since last year’s Rich List, with profits in 2016 growing 8.5% and revenues increasing 4.8%.
   This will please Charlene de Carvalho, 62, the daughter of late company boss Freddy Heineken, who died in 2002, leaving his fortune to his only daughter. She lives in London and Switzerland with banker husband Michel, 72, once a child actor whose career peaked starring alongside Peter O’Toole in David Lean's Oscar-winning epic Lawrence of Arabia. He gave up acting at the age of 17, a decision he claimed to regret later because he passed up the chance to earn a lot of money. Still, he is making up for it now as an investor in online mattress seller Simba Sleep.
   The de Carvalho family stake in Heineken is valued at nearly £8.5bn, while hefty dividends of more than £650m since 2010 and other assets add £800m.

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