Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell
Music, Transport
Rank 2017
The prospect of turning 75 in June has not slowed down McCartney, who is still recording music and touring, having played three concerts in Japan last month. Those gigs were not as lucrative as his impressive roster from last year. His biggest pay cheque almost certainly came from October’s Desert Trip festival in California, which took £130m over two weekends. McCartney's cut was probably in the region of £8m. There were a further 36 shows in North America, Europe and South America. Accounts for MPL Tours, a company established to receive income from his performances, recorded a turnover of £28.6m in 2015-16, with McCartney picking up £14.7m. His main company, MPL Communications, held assets worth £24.4m in 2015-16.
   "I'll put out my next album," he told Rolling Stone magazine. "But I won't think I'm going to sell a lot. I'm putting it out because I have songs that I like. And I will do my best job." A deal was signed in 2015 to allow the Beatles' 13 albums to be sold on streaming services. As one of the group’s main songwriters, Liverpudlian McCartney will, along with drummer Ringo Starr (qv), earn well from sales on Amazon Prime, Spotify and other such services. We raise McCartney to £630m this year. His New York-born wife Nancy, 56, is worth £150m in her own right, with her wealth derived from her father's New England Motor Freight lorry operation, which has annual sales of £370m. The couple have homes in East Sussex, Manhattan and Arizona.